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Site Name: Literature Unleashed!
Site URL:
Description: LU is a new forum with a twist, focusing on not just member writing, but general literature already out there in the world. Here, you can get news about famous authors, playwrights, and more!

Site Head Admin: Vincent
Staff Member Count: Four
Member Count: Nintey-eight.
Post Count: 8,689

We at Literature Unleashed plan on giving you news about your favorite authors, and telling you about new books coming out. There will be threads monthly on what books to look out for this month, Author news this month, ratings for hot books this month, and more. We will also feature a review of a book every week. This can help people find new books they might be interested in, and help them discover new books. Members can debate points of a book if they disagree with the book. They can voice their opinions and help others in making a choice about the book. Doing so might help them be inspired in their own works, or maybe inspire them to start their own. Our goal at Literature Unleashed is to help aspiring writers become a new generation of best selling authors and award winning authors. We hope that with all these we help you explore the world of literature, and make your own mark upon it.

We offer you an expanse universe, where you can post your story and get critique on it. You can post your own hobby stories, stories you are serious about, and even school papers that you want help/critique on.

There is also a writing discussion for people who need help with their stories, like name help, plot development, and more. Once you have posted five or more works, we allow you to make a thread in the Portfolio sub forum. But, at least two of your works must be finished, unless they are poetry or lyrics. Here, you can link to all of your works and post small descriptions; you can even post the link to the portfolio in your signature. Then members can visit the sub forum and view all of your work. This allows for a handier system to show off your work and is more appealing to members than digging through forums to find different works.

Another great feature offered is the comparison corner. This is a place where you can post a part of your work and ask to get special critique on it. Many aspiring writers like to compare their work to other, more prestigious authors, which is why this feature is better for them. They can post their work, post what series they want it to be compared to, and then ask members to critique it and compare it to the other in terms of which one is better in plot development, grammar and spelling, character development, and more. They can post the similarities and differences, and post what makes one part of one story better than the other. This can help writers achieve more and put them on track to write as good as or even better than their favorite famous author. It is recommended that they choose more common famous authors than less known ones, since it raises the chance of there being people who have read their stories. Critiquers can also tell a member if they are following storyline too closely, so that they can save themselves from plagiarism or common clichés.

We offer a wide array of opportunities for members. They can come for some great news on their favorite authors, get tips on new books to read, and read reviews that get them interested in new books. It’s handier than visiting numerous blogs all the time and people can even post their own stories. All of this can be done in a warm, friendly environment with nice and understanding staff members who will help you achieve your goals in writing if you have any. You can expect great interaction from them, and there will be a lot of activity from them. They will be happy to assist you with anything you need. Now, I invite you to explore the world of Literature, with Literature Unleashed!

- LU's Head Admin, Vincent.


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