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1Forum Review Empty Forum Review on Sat 23 Jan 2010, 11:06 pm

Rei Hino

Rei Hino
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2Forum Review Empty Re: Forum Review on Sun 24 Jan 2010, 5:18 pm


Hungry for Post

First Impression [20/20]
The first thing that impressed me is the banner. The two kids standing there is a weird but unique idea. Even though you didn't capitalize your forum name in the banner, it still looks really good. To make the banner even better, you put the snowflakes falling in the banner. It just made your banner even better than what it already is. The big snowflakes that tell you if there is new posts or not is also very impressive. As soon as I clicked on your forum link, I opened it and also good impressed by the background for the row title. It is the best image out of all the images in your forum. I was also very impressed by the statistics images all the way at the bottom of your forum, it is just impressive how you made the person and the star match with the snowflake and the rest of the forum.
Catagories & Forum [20/20]
You have the best amount of categories and forums I have ever seen. Each category has a decent amount of forums which is very good for your members. One thing you fouled up on is the order of some categories and a few forums. The order you currently have is fine, but I can tell you some other ways you can order them in so it can look a little bit better than what it looks like right now. You will find that next to "How you can Improve your Site:".
Graphics [20/20]
Banner:Your banner is very attractive to your members. It is really cool how you made it glossy, and everything in it glossy. Like I said earlier, the two kids are a unique idea on the forum banner. The pose that the kids are in is very well done. It would have been even more better than what it already is if you just capitalized the forum name in the banner.
Navigation Bar:Even though your navigation bar is very simple, it is very awesome. Since the links are white, it matches your whole forum.
Images & Icons:The snowflakes that tell you if there is a new post is really well done. They are the most perfect size, and they are perfectly glossy. The background for the row title is excellent. It is so perfect that I don't have anything to say about it except for saying that it is really well made.
Usergroups [20/20]
The names for your administrators, moderators, and members are very original. You put your creative mind and showed it in your usergroups. You have a good amount of administrators and moderators. You hired what you needed. You made a decent amount of usergroups also, which is good for keeping your forum organized.
Forum Activity [15/20]
Number of Post & Users: You have a little bit of posts in your forum. You have over two thousand posts. It is a decent effort from all your members, but they still didn't make a lot of posts. I have made more than what all your members have posted, so that tells you how little amount of posts your forum has.
User Active: Your members are not very active, they visit the forum a lot, but they don't post very much. Also, having a little bit of posts tells you how inactive your members are. You have a good amount of members, but you don't have a good amount of posts. You should send your members a message saying something about their bad activity.
95/100 | Forum Review 2ntlo95
How You Can Improve Your Site: You should order "Newbie Universe" last under the category of "Forums Center". It would be much better if you did that. Also, "General Harvest Moon" should be ordered last under the category of "Harvest Moon Discussion". It is just a suggestion that will make your forum look better. The "Rules & Guidelines" forum should be the very first forum under "Forums Center". The next suggestion I have for your forum is under the category of "General", you should put "General Discussions" all the way last. The navigation bar should be centered under the banner, it would look a lot better that way. The last suggestion I have for you is getting more active members.
What I Liked Best: The best thing I like about the forum is the excellent images it has.
Reviewer's Extra Message: Good luck on improving your forum!

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Rei Hino

Rei Hino
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I disagree with the layout suggestions, but otherwise it was alright.

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Team Cody

Team Cody
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Well, we're back. Happy
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