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:hello: Vocati Socratem

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General Forums (Including Photography, Books, Technology and General Discussions)

Philosophy, Science and Debate

Science (Including Sociology, Mythology & Theology, Politics and Astronomy.)

About Vocati Socratem
Vocati Socratem is a forum specialized in science, philosophy and debate. Although there are also sections as the General Discussion section to just relax in. :verygood: You can debate about every subject, we don't have censors. We're very loose with spam, as long you aren't an advertising bot, or a person who clicks the "post reply" button way too much, we don't care as long you don't annoy other members. If you want to publish your philosophies somewhere, this is the place to be! We're a fast growing community made for everyone. And don't forget to have fun. 👅 Because that's where all forums are made for, right?
Come and visit us right now, at

Category: Society and culture and Sciences and Knowledge. But especially the second one.
Language: English

The purpose of this forum is to bring people together and discuss life, and the news on the area of science.

Staff Members

  • Rehua, founder
  • CAPS LOCK, co-founder


  • KyleG
  • James

This means that every Staff Member aside from the administrators, and our first two moderators, James and KyleG, will and have been chosen democratically. Every time Vocati Socratem needs a new moderator, he or she will be chosen by our members. Wink
Because we want that everyone has a choice to tell us what's right. Same thing with updates, although we will come up with them, we want our members to accept or decline these updates. You have the power to tell us what's right!

Thanks for reading this! Why don't you visit us at Vocati Socratem today? (Click on Vocati Socratem.)


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The Warlord2

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Nice Forums Mate,
Definately one out of the crowd Wink

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Team Cody

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Owner & Administrator
As I stated on another forum, it looks super. Fantastic theme!

Well, we're back. Happy
sυя ůđє1

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