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1Caution GFX Request Rules on Sat 03 Jul 2010, 12:19 pm

Da Nerd

Da Nerd
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To help make everything simpler in this section, i want to add a grahpics request template, this helps us get a better view and imagine what you want.

Please use this and the image might come out more of what you want Happy

What To Create:
What Size:
What Font:
Font Link:
What Text To Add:
With Animation?:
Images To Add:
Wanted Colors:
Extra Comments:


Type of creation: (Avatar)
What Size: 200x200
What Font: Base 2
Font Link: Unauthorized
What Text To Add:ClubFairShare
Animation?: Flashing Or Fading
Images To Add: Link URL Here
Wanted Colors: Colors for Fonts, Base, Anything. Please Be Descriptive
Extra Comments: Anything you wanna say

Pleas read the request rules.
Added by Raptor*

Important: You Only can request 1 Artwork a week.
Why: request an artwork everyday makes it to busy for the Graphic artists.
They need time to make other request from other members
To make the member happy.

Bumping is not aloud , only after 24 hours to keep your topic active.
Just wait till a member of the graphic team tag your request.
After you like we will solve your request .

Everything needs to be filled
Otherwise we don't make your request.


Type of creations:

*Affiliate Button 88*31 pixels
*Small ad Banner 460*60 pixels
*Forum Banners 700*130 pixels
750*150 pixels
800*180 pixels
*Buttons 85*25 pixels (Mainly Nav bar)
*Button 120*40 (Standard size for "New Topic" "Edit post")
*Avatar 150*100

-KZT & Raptor

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2Caution Re: GFX Request Rules on Sun 04 Jul 2010, 6:56 am


Graphic Maker
Graphic Maker
*Added Rules
Now i see this topic has been stickied:
-Topic locked-

Oh , and good job KzT

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