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1 A Singing Harmony on Mon 05 Jul 2010, 9:09 am


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Name of Forum: A Singing Harmony (ASH), a fan-site forum for Akiko Shikata
Forum Link:

Forum Description: ASH is a forum created on June 14th, 2010. at first, I was just curious about making my own forum. after thinking for some time about the topic of my forum, I decided to create a fan-forum because I just like Akiko Shikata. she is a Japanese singer and songwriter with unique musical arrangements; arrangements I've never heard before. first I created a forum, SnH, but based on advice of some people, I decided to move the site to a forum hosted by forumotion. that is ASH. ^^

on ASH, together with members of my staff team, we are providing our members with the latest information about Shikata's works right from her blog and official sites, as well as some download links to her songs and the lyrics.

latest update:

Our users have posted a total of 864 messages

We have 9 registered users

The newest registered user is Haruko-chan1994

I'm currently working on new features: an award system and a shopping plaza! this is a job that takes a lot of time because I need to upload the gifts one by one. that being said, right now I only have one shop open for test to see if members respond well to it. if they are, then Iíll add more shops to it. Iíve prepared around four more shops, but it all depends on the members themselves. so take a visit there, join the site, try the new feature, and give me the feedback!

anyway, I hope you will visit and join my forum. help it to grow bigger! thanks~ ^^

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2 Re: A Singing Harmony on Sun 11 Jul 2010, 12:13 am


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Our users have posted a total of 1027 messages

We have 10 registered users

The newest registered user is Vinery

we have reached 1,000 posts, yes! thank you to everyone who had participated.

I'm going to add more shops soon, so stay tuned and keep visiting! looking forward to see you there, join in the crowd. thank you! ^___^

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3 Re: A Singing Harmony on Wed 14 Jul 2010, 3:26 am


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Our users have posted a total of 1124 messages

We have 15 registered users

The newest registered user is Joel

I have added a portal to my forum. I moved all the widgets to he portal so now we can gain more space for the forum. share what you think there, if you'd like.

we're currently on process of upgrading and changing theme/style. so stay tuned!

thanks for all your visits and signups, it's very much appreciated. please help me grow bigger! thank you~ ^^

--- important! ---

hello, guys! once again, I need little help here.

you see, I'm considering to change the theme of my forum. that's the main goal, but I'm also hoping to fix this current theme somehow to make it more attractive so members can still use it. I saw a post in the support forum of forumotion where you can install a style/theme selector to your forum. I just haven't tried it yet.

so now I'm in need of one person who can help me with this. what are the requirements?
first of all, you must be able to design some graphics related to a forum (banner, icons, images, etc.). I'm serious about this, so if you want to apply, show some of your works (or give links to things you design, anyway you see fit). of course, that being said, you must also has a nice sense of combining colors.
second, this isn't a must, but maybe you have some knowledge of CSS so you can alter the design of the forum a bit? nothing much. maybe like changing the fonts or size of fonts of the forum and stuff like that? once again, this isn't a must.
third, I need someone who's willing to devote his/her time in designing my forum. I mean, because I'm hoping for quite a big makeover, I bet it will take quite long before the design completely finished. so state how long are you willing (something you must fulfill) to be online at the forum to do this job.

maybe you'll ask about the rewards you get for helping me design my forum. I'll admit it openly: none. I have nothing to offer you but a rank as an administrator and graphic designer at my forum with some forum points to spend on shops. other than that, I don't think I can give you anything, I'm sorry. so don't apply if you don't feel like it. I don't want both of us feeling uneasy about this. ^^"

you can visit my forum here >> A Singing Harmony ~ a fan-site forum for Akiko Shikata <<

thank you in advance! ^___^

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