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1 [PS] Signature Tutorial - 1 on Mon 05 Jul 2010, 12:55 pm

Da Nerd

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This tutorial is for a request.

First off, make a 450x300 image , Next , find your "Rounded Rectangle Tool"

And make a size that is around the size of the canvas, not to close but a good distance.

Now fill it with a simple glowing style. example: Lime green.

Now, create a new layer. and find a color that contrast well from the color you chosen. Now, select your text tool, and write what ever you want inside the rectangle.
I wrote, CFS, My Font Is : Eight Track,

Now create a new layer, and add some brushes, i've chosen some lines and selected a color that would match nicely. And made it look like it was embossed

In a couple of minutes of working in designing, you should get a idea and many awesome ways to make a signature, this is what i made.

If you wanna know how i made the brushes look like it was coming from all sides, i kept rotating it to find good positions to add the brush and kept doing it till it was full. i think i over did it but i dunno xD

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