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1Forum Review Request Empty Forum Review Request on Fri 08 Jan 2010, 5:01 am


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Type of Review: full
Name of Reviewer: whoever is available
Website Link:
Your Name on the Site: micro1000

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2Forum Review Request Empty Re: Forum Review Request on Fri 08 Jan 2010, 4:49 pm


Hungry for Post

First Impression [20/20]
The glossy icons impressed me. As soon as I opened up the forum, I thought they were the best icons I have ever seen. Each forum has their own icon which is really neat. It makes your forum look good. The size of your icons are perfect.
Catagories & Forum [19/20]
You have the most decent amount of categories and forums, there is a little bit of forums that would be better if they go in another category like the forum shops. It should go in the lounge section, it would look a lot better. There is others, but the others are good where they are and can be moved, but don't have to.
Graphics [15/20]
Banner:Your banner is great. It shines just as much as your forum icons. You should make the banner look a little more glossy, but it looks great how it is. It is creative how you put your forum description in the banner instead of under the banner, I have seen that in a little bit of forums. I like it how you made the letters in the cloud black, and on the outside white. It looks neat like that.
Navigation Bar:Your navigation bar doesn't look good. You should make one button, if you like it then make the other buttons exactly like the one you liked only with different words. Your navigation bar has three rectangle shaped buttons and the rest are together, you should either make every single button rectangle shaped, or all of them stuck together.
Images & Icons:The icons are excellent. Every image in each icon match each forum's topic. The who's online button is neat too.
Usergroups [14/20]
Each usergroup has a good reason to be made, but the order is bad. You should make Global Moderators be in front of Moderators. The registered users are suppose to be the last usergroup. You should order your usergroups from the highest rank (administrators) to the lowest rank (moderators).
Forum Activity [16/20]
Number of Post & Users:You have a little bit of users. You should advertise your forum to get at least 80 users, then your forum will be decent. The least users a decent forum should have is 50 users, you should try to get 50 users. The number of posts all your users have made is just amazing. With only 19 users, they have all made 535 posts. That is outstanding.
User Active:Your users are active. They have posted a lot. You should make posting contests or spam threads like "Spam Thread" where your users are free to spam in words, but nothing inappropriate. That would make your forum get more posts and make your users more active.
84/100 | Forum Review Request 2ntlo95
How You Can Improve Your Site: By getting more users.
What I Liked Best: The icons for each forum.
Reviewer's Extra Message:

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3Forum Review Request Empty Re: Forum Review Request on Sat 09 Jan 2010, 1:42 am


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Thank you ill try to make some changes, great review.

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4Forum Review Request Empty Re: Forum Review Request on Sat 09 Jan 2010, 12:28 pm

Team Cody

Team Cody
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Owner & Administrator
==> Charged
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Well, we're back. Happy
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